The Dr. Jordan B. Peterson Podcast

'We definitely didn't want to upset the Ottawa residents, that was never our intention, but you have to have some level of disruption,' said Lich.

Leader of the Freedom Convoy Tamara Lich joined Canadian Psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson on his podcast, 'The Dr. Jordan B. Peterson Podcast' for an extensive interview.

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, Tammy Peterson, and Tamara Lich break down the events leading up to, during, and after the internationally recognized Canadian Freedom Convoy, which sought to publicize and end ridiculous COVID mandates as they heavily affected the multi-national trucking industry. Lich was a key organizer and has suffered for her role, spending a total of 48 days in jail over “mischief,” while being labeled a terrorist and being legally barred from using social media.

Tamara Lich is a Canadian activist with a background organizing the 2018-2019 Yellow Vest protests in Alberta. She was also an early founder of the secession movement in western Canada known as WEXIT. Lich also had a prior career in the logistics field regarding Canadian energy and first became vocal about the unrivaled efficiency of her country’s fossil fuel industry, despite the mainstream media claiming otherwise.

Peterson and Lich spoke about many topics, ranging from becoming an organizer, what prompted the Freedom Convoy, to being charged with "mischief," and the list continues.

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