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'Our message throughout the whole convoy was, we don't win this with hatred and anger and division,' said Lich.

Freedom Convoy spokesperson and spiritual leader Tamara Lich recently joined The Andrew Lawton Show for an extensive interview.

The two touched on a wide range of topics including Lich's time in jail and ongoing legal battle, the beginning of the Freedom Convoy, her new book, and more.

For most of the last 16 months, Freedom Convoy fundraiser and spokesperson Tamara Lich has been silenced by bail conditions preventing her from speaking about the protest for which she faces criminal charges. Now, for the first time, she and True North’s Andrew Lawton sit down on camera to talk about this pivotal moment in Canadian history and the fight against vaccine mandates.

Lich tells all in a new book called Hold the Line: My Story from the Heart of the Freedom Convoy.

In this lengthy interview, Lich and Lawton talk about the origins of the Freedom Convoy, the tensions between several of its key figures, Lich’s incarceration and ongoing legal battle, and more.

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