Trucker Rebellion: Convoy to Ottawa

See firsthand in this Rebel News excluive documentary on what the convoy was like on it's way to Ottawa.

After two years of a war on civil liberties of unprecedented magnitudes, the winter of 2022 saw the trucker rebellion which marked the beginning of the end of COVID policies across Canada, and across the world.

In an atmosphere of segregation, where vaccination status would determine if a citizen could fly or receive an organ transplant, the announcement of a vaccine mandate for cross-border truckers was the final straw. This sparked peaceful civil disobedience that led to the declaration of the Emergencies Act.

Multiple convoys of semi-trucks and cars were formed all across Canada with Ottawa in their sights, with hundreds of thousands of supporters joining in some form along the way, either directly as part of the convoy or waving flags at overpasses along the route.

Rebel News reporters followed the convoy from Calgary to Ottawa to capture this historical uprising.

Their documentary features exclusive footage and interviews with truckers, including one of the organizers, Tamara Lich.

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