Viva Frei

'We’re living through a period of absolute political insanity that is being normalized… and Tamara Lich is perhaps the most iconic face of what Canada has gone through in the last three years.'

Tamara Lich — the fiery and steadfast spokesperson and organizer of the 2022 Freedom Convoy — drew the eyes of a nation after her controversial arrest. She was detained during a peaceful protest against COVID-19 mandates with fellow Canadians on the streets of Ottawa.

More than a year later, she discusses her contributions to the movement that united Canadians across the country and the resulting battle in court as she fights ongoing lawsuits.

David Freiheit  known to his audience as Viva Frei  is an independent journalist and podcaster who focuses on issues of freedom and tyranny on YouTube and Rumble.

In this special segment, he takes a deeper dive into what makes Lich tick, including her Saskatchewan upbringing and eventual introduction to politics through her staunch opposition to Bill C-69  the “No More Pipelines” bill  and its effect on the infrastructure of Western provinces like Alberta.

Tune in to hear Lich's thoughts on the weeks, days and hours leading up to her arrest, the way it irreversibly changed her life and how this government overreach impacts all Canadians.

Tamara Lich’s book, Hold the Line: My story from the heart of the Freedom Convoy, is available now at

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